5 Reasons Every Study Abroad Student Should Consider Teaching Abroad

If your study abroad experience was anything like mine, it left you feeling hungry for more. Lucky for you and I, there is currently a wealth of opportunity in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry. Whether you want to teach in the Eastern world or Central America, it is likely you can find a job teaching wherever your gallivanting heart may desire. If you’re one of the many who are feeling conflicted about your post-graduation plans, here are five reasons why you should consider teaching abroad:

1. Travel Opportunity

This is a no brainer. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug; and you thrive on exploring new cultures and ways of life, teaching abroad is the perfect way to maintain that lifestyle of discovery and excitement! Seize the opportunity to live, work and travel overseas.

2. Financial Benefits

Depending on where in the world you decide to teach, you could be able to live comfortably and save a good chunk of change. ESL teachers in some Middle Eastern and Asian countries have the potential to save thousands of dollars per year. You can live comfortably, travel, and save … It’s a win, win!

3. Professional Development

When you were a student abroad, you may have lived with a host family, tried the local food, traveled to neighboring countries, occasionally drank too much wine, etc. However, what sort of professional development did you gain from your experience? When you’re teaching abroad you’re going to learn a tremendous amount about yourself in a diverse, unique and professional work environment. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to your school, learn another language, or network and make connections with people from all over the globe. Not to mention, it’s quite the resume booster.

4. It’s a Challenge

Teaching abroad can be challenging. It’s a more independent approach to living abroad. You’ll have to move to a country where you may not speak the language, and find your way without someone (or a study abroad program) holding your hand along the way. You’ll encounter obstacles and be accountable for finding the solutions; while adapting to life and work in a different culture. If you’re ready for a challenge, and AWESOME rewards, then teaching abroad is definitely for you. It can be one of the most fulfilling experiences.

5. There’s No Time Like the Present

What’s tying you down these days? Chances are, leaving your home to teach abroad will be more difficult in five, three or even one year from now. When else will you have the ability to take this work experience of a lifetime? Being fresh out of college is the opportune time to teach abroad. Establish yourself a traveller and enjoy the international life of unparalleled opportunity.

So, whether your goal is to see more of the world, save money, boost your resume, or gain an extraordinary work experience… teaching abroad has something to offer everyone. Utilize your school’s career office, or simply search the web to check out the incredible opportunities in the exciting world of ESL!

 Amanda-NadeauAuthor: Amanda Nadeau
Amanda Nadeau is a recent returnee from Beijing, China where she taught ESL for over a year and traveled throughout Asia. She studied abroad in Spain and Costa Rica during her college years as an International Affairs / Spanish major. Apart from being travel enthusiast, her passions include yoga, healthy cooking and watching films. She is currently residing in Boston and continuing her work in the International Education field.

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