How To Tell Your Story

Why Share Your Story

Process Your Experience

Writing, whether it’s keeping a journal or starting a blog is a great way to relive your time abroad and go through your experience. Essentially, it’s an amazing way to process what you just went through and figure out the answer to the question “What now?”


Stops You From Driving Friends/Family Crazy

Save yourself the trouble of getting into the awkward position of going on and on about “this one time in Paris” and realizing that your friends don’t really care. Write it down to let them read at their leisure. Plus, they can see the pictures right then and there saving you 1,000 words and making the story more engaging. The time and space is unlimited so you can tell as many stories as you want; you know who never gets tired of them? THE INTERNET.


Resume Booster

You never know when your simple blog could be seen by a big company or recruiter. Even if it doesn’t get seen, if you’re proud of your work you can use it as an example of motivation, tech savvy, and writing skills in an interview and your resumé.



How to Share Your Story – The Different Platforms

Free Blog Platforms Like WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly simple way of creating your own unique blog with your own unique URL. It’s very user-friendly (even for those who are the opposite of tech inclined).

Small Planet Studio

Join the community of global nomads, study abroad students, expats, and more with Small Planet Studio. Check out their Re-Entry Reality series to dive in to a wealth of re-entry stories, fawn over international opportunities others are doing, and connect with liked minded people.

GoAbroad Writers Academy

This interface offers travel writers an all inclusive portal for getting published. It works for aspiring beginners and established veterans to hone their writing skills. Writers can choose from the reservoir of trending topics, pitch their own ideas, and submit their work all in one place.

Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, or Thought Catalog: Trending Entertainment Blogs

Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, and Thought Catalog accept guest posts about your experiences such as, “How Study Abroad Ruined My Life”, “10 Signs You Studied Abroad in _______”, or other musings of your choice.


CNN iReport

One of 2013’s most read iReports was from a student who studied abroad in India and experienced extreme reverse culture shock upon her return to Chicago. Obviously your story doesn’t have to be so negative but CNN is always looking for interesting iReports.


Life After Study Abroad

We love stories from study abroad students! That was one of our main goals initially; we wanted to be a place where students could share their story and read others too. Just send an email with a topic idea (e.g. I want to share my story of coming home) to carrie@lifeafterstudyabroad and where you studied abroad!



Writing Tips for Sharing Your Story

Be Candid

The biggest downfall of most student writers is they aren’t emotional enough. When you’re writing a piece, let your memories of study abroad, the good and the bad flow through you. It’ll make it sincere and easy to read.


Get to the Point

Always ask yourself, “can this be more clear?” When editing your drafts, the ultimate goal should be to make them shorter and more direct. Do you have unnecessary sentences talking about this one time you were in (INSERT COUNTRY HERE)? Best to leave those out.


Break Up Your Points

What are the most read articles and websites of our generation? Buzzfeed articles which are basically bulleted images. Make sure to separate your writing by bullets and/or numbers; the magic is in the easy scanning. What’s more appealing to you: a numbered list of the five ways to deal with culture shock or a giant block of text with the same information?


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