Quiz: Where to Next? Find Your Perfect Destination!

Answer the following questions and mark down your answers. Find your results at the end!

How would you like to spend a free afternoon?

A – Sipping tea in a cozy cafe
B – Taking Surf Lessons
C – Watching goods like woven shirts and ground cornmeal come to life by hand
D – Browsing the local market where no one speaks your language
E – Going out for fresh sushi

What is your idea of an ideal cultural immersion experience

A – Working alongside locals on a farm
B – Having a drink on the beach with friends
C – Taking a dance class
D – Feeling the rythm of a drum circle
E – Participating in a traditional ceremony

What local tour interests you the most?

A – Touring cathedrals, mosques, and catacombs
B – Exploring caves by ocean kayaking
C – Trekking up mountains to ancient ruins
D – Taking a jeep safari to see local wildlife
E – Learing about ancient religions and visiting temples

Why do you want to go abroad?

A – I want to live in another country, but still speak english
B – I want to gain professional experience
C – I want to learn another language that will be useful back home
D – I want to get away from everyday life and have a true adventure
E – I want to experience an entirely different way of life and surroundings

Picture yourself exploring the area, wandering the streets, and seeing where the day takes you. What are you wearing?

A – Stylish shoes, fitted slacks, and a peacoat
B – A summer dress or board shorts
C – Cargo Pants, sturdy shoes, and a shirt
D – A light top and flowering pants in natural colors
E – Comfortable yet conservative clothing

What would you most like to witness in real life?

A – Ancient historical sites where east meets west
B – A coral reef filled with living creatures
C – An adrenaline filled trek through the jungle
D – A pack of lions lounging in the grass
E – An elephant taking a bath

What sporting/culture event would you like to attend or be part of?

A – Cricket or Soccer; organized sporting events filled with passionate fans, many regional events based on sheer physical strength
B – Footy – an intense mix of football, soccer, and rugby or horse racing; an all around very athletic and competitive culture
C – Soccer or volleyball, wild professional events and endless pickup games on every corner
D – I’m not in to sports, I’d rather spend the day playing with children
E – Basketball or a variety of martial arts, serious competition and training yet welcoming, wide variety

What is your travel style?

A – I like to have a well structured itinerary with transportation tickets and reservations
B – I prefer to mix excursion with luxury and even if I spend the day in nature I want to come back to a soft bed, warm shower, and fancy meal
C – I like to choose an end destination and work backwards as I go
D – I want every aspect of my trip to be as authentic as possible – staying in traditional accommodations, and traveling the way the locals do
E – I don’t usually have a plan, I like to go with the flow, and travel on a shoestring budget

What would you like to eat while abroad? Which daily diet sounds appealing?

A – Hashes, sauerkraut, fish and chips, and many other hearty meals to keep me full for hours
B – Anything fresh from the market, fruits, veggies, and more to accompany a big BBQ
C – Every meat under the sun accompanied by potatoes and cilantro, multilayered entrees and desserts, large evening meals
D – Medleys flavored with earthy herbs featured alongside starchy mashes, smooth textures, and meals where the vital utensils may include my own hands or bread
E – Sticky rice with spicy takes on fish and vegetables, lighter meals, and soups that seamlessly combine 15 different flavors

What kind of accommodation and environment would you like to stay in while traveling within the area?

A – Clean, tidy hostels with the option of a private room and pre-planned events to meet fellow travelers
B -Small hostels typically with people from all over traveling in more established small groups, but extremely social
C – Affordable hostels and homestays that are very communal and typically filled with like minded people looking to socialize and travel to another country the next day
D – Huts and camping in a variety of open areas usually with small groups
E – Small, sleek hotel rooms in urban areas or rural huts in jungle environments

What is your ideal, secret, get-away place?

A – Quiet, local café
B – Hidden beach
C – Deluxe tree-house
D – Wildlife expedition
E – Serene temple


The answers

  • Mostly A's
  • Mostly B's
  • Mostly C's
  • Mostly D's
  • Mostly E's



The big names like Paris and London are what typically pop into people’s minds, but there is even more! Western and Eastern Europe both offer their own unique flavors and characteristics from the style of Mulan to the Bohemian history of Prague.




You hear the call of a tropical paradise from across the seas! Visitors will see scene after scene of beautiful blue waters, green fjords, white sands, and swaying palm trees. The Fiji Islands and New Zealand are in this group and adventure on the top of mountains to the ocean floor await.



South America

A new language and spontaneous travel await you in South America. With over a dozen countries to choose from, it is a wonderful place to learn Spanish or Portuguese (in Brazil). The culture is welcoming, colorful, and ancient ruins like Machu Picchu are breathtaking.




Your dreams of a wildlife safari or working up close and personal with a baby lion will come true in this expansive continent. Some favorites include: Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa.




Immerse yourself in some of the oldest cultures in the world, visit ancient temples, and be introduced to new religions. The food and sounds are unique in every country, yet wonderful in each one. You can see India from a rickshaw or speed along in a train in Tokyo.


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