Why Pay To Intern Abroad

As companies expand their efforts to an international level, the demand for job applicants to have global experience and cultural competency is growing at an exponential rate. So how are students in college supposed to live up to these crazy expectations along with excelling at college? Well, one of the best ways is to intern abroad, or to get an internship while studying abroad. But many intern abroad providers ask a pretty price for a placement overseas. So why should you pay to intern abroad?


Who wants to plan their entire internship abroad? From an actual internship placement to housing to cultural orientation, many intern abroad providers use your program fee to pay for all of this. So while you may think that it’s just as easy for you to find housing abroad, these internship providers have an ‘in’ at your site. Do you really want to go through the process of finding an internship, applying for it, getting a visa, and finding housing? I’m guessing not.

Visa Assistance

Every single country has different visa requirements that are completely based on what you will be doing. So what kind of visa are you going to need? What kind of work will you be doing? How far in advance should you apply for your visa? Maybe your internship is so short that you don’t even need one. These are all questions that an internship abroad provider can answer and help you with. More than likely, your internship provider will already have everything set up to go so that three month visa period turns into a simple two week ordeal.

Supplemental Activities

Another great reason to pay for an internship abroad is for all the great activities built into the program outside your normal work hours. Although supplemental activities like cultural orientation, professional seminars, or social networking events can seem like extras, they are in fact a determining factor toward a student’s overall internship experience. More and more employers are seeking well-rounded individuals who embody cross-cultural communication, an ability to interact and adapt to a variety of situations, or a depth of knowledge about international markets. These additional aspects to a program offer students an opportunity to develop such skills and learn from professionals and experts of that country. Also, maybe some of these activities will include visits to other cities! Just another organizational step that you can cross off your to-do list.

Actual, Customized Internship Placements

Intern abroad providers charge program fees because they are awesome at what they do. Placement advisors closely look at your application and resume to see what experience you have and what you’re interested in doing. Do you speak the language of the host country? Do you want an English-speaking placement? You can also expand on all of wants/needs during the Skype interviews that most providers do. Then based on your application, resume, and interview, the intern abroad provider can find the perfect internship for you.

Jennie-MillerAuthor: Jennie Miller

Jennie Miller is the Marketing Associate for CRCC Asia, she graduated from University of Illinois with a Masters in Higher Education.

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